Thursday, March 15, 2018

Finish p169 1-6 ace, 7,10
A little more practice on “the laws”
Start handout sheet 1 (of 2)

PCM 40s                         
finish p153:8-11, 13,14
Quiz Monday on Polynomials
Intro to ch4 trig angles and measures look at p169
Start p176: 1-13 everyother

PCM 30s
Finish p192 1-8 and handout.
Another handout for graph practice.
Quiz on QF Thursday?

The F-T graph
finish 3-3 and try p307: 48-54
A small momentum impulse quiz on Monday
Test on Ch1 next Friday??
Last thing to do Capacity…
p144: 1,2,3,4 finished?
How about other capacities
Do p156: 1,2a,5
Quiz on this chapter next Thursday?